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Caliber was created with the vision to execute our passion for helping others fulfill the potential in themselves! We provide a vehicle to assist and serve those in the Architectural, Engineering and Construction Industry who desire to be better tomorrow than they were yesterday.

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What do you consider your greatest professional accomplishment?

The people I have impacted throughout my career is my lasting legacy. I have worked with thousands of people in my extensive career in construction. I am most proud of the continual impact I have in other people’s lives. I still communicate with dozens of former co-workers as a mentor, coach and a friend when needed. Recently, I had a former employee who reached out to me for my advice on a potential start-up business. I consider these relationships both an honor and a privilege. I love being a mentor!

What has been the greatest lesson your career has taught you?

Humility. When you are young, you tend to perceive the “boss” as having all the answers. However, when you get the “boss” assignment, these answers don't automatically come with the title as you may have once thought. The more experience I have received, the more questions I ask to clarify, create awareness, generate engagement, and get others to think for themselves. Leadership isn’t about having all the answers. Often, it’s about asking the right questions and listening carefully to the answers you get.

How do you turn a challenge into an opportunity?

I look for a unique solution to the issue(s) at hand. The challenge exists regardless of whether we desire it to or not. So how we approach it – with wonder, possibility and energy –will impact the outcome far more than anything else. Business is risky. There is opportunity in managing risk based on how you approach, respect and appreciate it. I choose to approach it opportunistically and as humanely as possible rather than as a fear-based problem.

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